This list is up to date as of 6th March 2016

Over the years, the IAYC has acquired a lot of useful resources for observing and other scientific experiments. We regularly inspect our hardware and try to make sure that we have modern, usable kit.

Kieran Dan

Kieran and Daniel check over the IWA equipment.

New acquisitions for 2015/2016 include:

  • A new Crayford focuser for the C8
  • A new (Imaging Source) planetary camera
  • A replacement motor control handset for our EQ3 mount


We currently have a range of telescopes available for participants to use:

  • C8, 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain

  • 8” Newtonian with equatorial GOTO

8" Newtonian

  • 5” Newtonian with Az-Alt GOTO

5" Newtonian

  • Two handbuilt 8” Dobsonians

  • C5, 5” Schmidt-Cassegrain

  • William Optics 80mm Refractor + red dot finder / finder scope

William Optics 80

  • Coronado PST (solar telescope)


  • 3” Mini-Dobsonian

Mini Dobsonian

  • CG5-GT GOTO mount

CG5-GT GOTO mount

  • Vixen GP tracking mount

Vixen GP tracking mount

  • EQ5 tracking mount

EQ5 tracking mount

  • We recently switched to high capacity Lithium-Polymer battery packs. These are rechargable and have enough charge to last an entire night of tracking without any problems.

olds Irati


  • Mammut Lyuba monochrome cooled CCD

Mammut cam

  • Meade DSI monochrome CCD

  • Imaging Source planetary imaging camera

Imaging Source camera

  • Lots of webcams for prototyping

360 Webcam

Webcam box

  • Nikon, Canon, Pentax T-Rings

  • T2 extension tubes

  • A wide range of eyepieces both 1.25” and 2”, extensions rings and adaptor rings

Various adaptors

  • 1.25” Celestron Plössl Eyepieces: 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, 17 mm, (2”) 32 mm

  • William Optics Swan: 9 mm, (2”) 25 mm

Eyepiece box 1

Eyepiece box 2

  • William Optics 2.5x APO Barlow

WO Apo barlow

  • 2x Barlow, 2.5x Barlow

  • Celestron tele-extender

  • 1.5x erecting eyepiece

  • William Optics quartz diagonal

WO Quartz Diagonal

  • Solar filters for 3” Dobsonian and 5” Newtonian. Additional DIY solar filters for other telescopes, spare solar paper.


  • 2x Filter wheels

  • Hydrogen Alpha, Hydrogen Beta, Oxygen III, Star Analyser 100 diffraction grating

Imaging Source camera

  • VBRI Johnson-Cousins filerset

BVRI Filters

  • LRGB filterset

LRGB Filters

  • Moon filter

  • 2x #21 Orange, 2x #21 red, 2x #56 green, 2x #58 dark green, 2x #80 blue, 2x #25 red

Filters 1

Filters 2

  • Sky pollution Filters

  • Baader 540±10nm solar continuum filter

Baader solar filter

Darkroom Equipment

  • Measuring jugs, cylinders, squirt bottle and syringes

  • Negative holders

  • Tongs, film squeegee, pegs

  • Blackout sheeting (we can turn any small room with a sink into a darkroom)

  • 3x Film development tanks + spirals

  • Safe (red) lights

  • Film extraction tool

  • Ilford Multigrade IV paper (various sizes)

  • Ilford Multigrade IV filters for contrast adjustment while printing

  • Usual darkroom chemicals (film/paper developer, fixer, stop bath and wetting agent)

  • Film; normally we use low cost black and white film like Ilford HP5. We have some Kodak Technical Pan 25 from many years ago and possibly some Ektachrome.

  • Thermometers

  • Axomat 3 enlarger + timer

Other bits

  • Lots of EU multiplugs and extension leads

  • Ethernet cables

  • 2 wireless routers

  • Raspberry Pi 2 B+, keyboard, mouse

  • Probably a Raspberry Pi 3 in the summer!

  • Inflatable pool

  • Tool kit (tape measure, hammer, spirit level, spanners, allen keys, screwdrivers, pliers, hand drill, saw, assorted nails/screws)

  • Temperature controlled soldering station