Writing about the IAYC nearly just after arriving home is difficult, since all the memories are still so recent that it is hard to find the exact words to describe what this amazing experience has meant for me.

It all started quite a few months ago when I decided to apply to the International Astronomical Youth Camp. In case you, dear reader, are having a look at past camp impressions because you are considering applying to the camp, then I would really recommend you to do so.

I was happy when I was accepted, but little did I know at that point about the overwhelming experience I was about to live during the summer. Science, parties and friends followed making 2016 summer one of the best ones I have ever had. Even though three weeks may seem like a long time, I can ensure that time passed quickly thanks to the amazing people I had the chance to spend time with in the amazing old house in Nettlecombe.

During these three weeks, all the participants had the chance to work in astronomy projects at different levels in groups of 2-3 people (one thing I am particularly satisfied of is the Team Leaderâ™s ability to find suitable projects for everyone regardless of their previous background). The spectra of topics covered by the projects was also very wide, embracing most branches of astronomy.

I would really like to emphasize, however, how working in your project is compatible with having an amazing social experience that creates friendships with fellow participants from all over the world. Indeed, plenty of activities are organized to make sure everyone will enjoy the most of his or her time in the camp along with the other participants and leaders. From name games on the very first day to the chance to go on treasure hunt, excursion on free day or even record a movie with friends, you will never forget all the amazing times passed during the three weeks of the camp!

As a conclusion I will say that only in my first camp, I can really understand why people who has applied for many years now are still interested in the IAYC. Needless to say, I would not miss the opportunity to be part of the big worldwide IAYC family!


By Pau Batlle Franch (Spain)