IAYC 1999 was a really special camp. It took place in a small village called Vép in Hungary, in the central-line of the totality of the solar eclipse. Many people wanted to see the eclipse, so this IAYC was really huge. It had about 100 participants and in the middle of the camp when the oldies arrived to see the disappearing Sun we were in the house about 150! The big camp was in a big house, which was surrounded by a nice park. Nearby was a football field for the NAP and a gigantic Chupa-Chup ;)

Thanks to the oldies, this camp revealed to us some of the old IAYC mysteries. We learned when certain, still well kept traditions started. We heard about the origin of the shower game, or we learned how a certain Mexican town became so popular in the camp. We also had ESA people there with an amazing telescope with an H alpha filter through which all of us could admire the Solar prominences. And then, when the magical day arrived it was raining! Depressed people on the breakfast… sad faces around. But the fat old Sun came out of the clouds in time and people went crazy. The sound of drum, people shouting Sun, Sun, Sun, Moon, Moon, Moon… and when the moment arrived, it was pure magic. The black Sun in the sky, surrounded by the beautiful corona, Venus shining… It was over sooner than one would want, but then people started to shout Sun, Sun, Sun, the drum was playing again, people were dancing, jumping, opening the champagne… and in the evening the most amazing party started!

The camp continued also after the eclipse. It was different, but still amazing. We managed to finished our research projects and we had a great deadline showering! The next day a very special IAYC was over.


By Norbert Werner (Slovakia)